The Compass - Apple airtag EDC leather keychain

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The Compass

Jack. I've just recalled. I've got this wonderful compass which points to whatever I want. So for what do I need you?"
"Points to the thing you want most. And that is not the Brethren Court, is it?"
"Then what is, Jack?"
"Me. Dead. 

The Compass is an Apple airtag EDC leather keychain. The main benefit of the overall construction from similar products, is that when you put your AirTag inside you don't have to worry about it getting scratched up on the tag itself, because you know this thing can get scratched even by air, even official Apple leather cases have this issue.

Overall design was inspired from Jack Sparrow's compass, I am just in love with its shape but more so with its special properties. To put your AirTag inside you need to open the strap with a snap. This strap has the additional function of when the case is locked, you will never lose your tag. Also, if you just wanna put your tag inside your bag in a pocket, you can place it without the strap ring. The AirTag will still sit inside this leather case perfectly.

- Hand Stitched
- Hand finished edges
- Strap with a snap
- Tightly holding the AirTag

In The Box:
- Compass leather holder
- Pirate Goods sticker

Ships from Ukraine
*This item is made to order, please wait until your order is crafted.
*Due to russian invasion in Ukraine, certain delays are possible, up to 3-8 weeks. Post service works properly, still no one package was loosed. So keep calm and wait for your Pirate Goods 🏴‍☠️
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PARTNERS Jonathan Erba

Love the product, great quality and it came fast! I even got it custom made on my requests so very satisfied