About the Pirate

Pirate Goods is a brand of premium and brutal products. Mostly leather goods, but also related products, multitools, EDC accessories, beads and many other things that I will announce in the future.

My name is Vitalii Hilevych, I am 32 and I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Right now it's really hard times for my country due to the russian invasion of Ukraine, but we won't give up, the truth is on our side, and with all of our friends and partners we will win this war.

Back in the day I was a full-time videographer and photographer. I created advertising content for local businesses and brands. I am also the author and creator of the Filmacast podcast, which is a podcast about film, photography and creativity.

In 2019, I started thinking about creating my own brand of stylish leather products. It all started because I wanted to have several EDC organizers in a certain design, but I could not find anything similar on the market, which is how many of my very unique and creative products were designed.

Why a pirate theme? To be honest, since childhood my whole room was pasted over with my drawings of pirate ships and I still have all of them. Add to that, almost all of my LEGO sets were the Pirates series, 6254 set with Treasure Island was my favourite. I got two of these on my 6th birthday.

And now, after 25 years, I am standing here. My goal is to make this brand a symbol with which you can evoke the emotions of that pirate, that rebel living in each of us.

I am always open to new collaborations and recently started taking bulk orders. So if you have an EDC themed shop and if you want to add my products to the inventory of your store, feel free to contact me!

Therefore, if you like cool leather goods and if you enjoy EDC items and accessories like myself, then welcome on board.

Pirate Goods.
From Pirate to Pirates.
Vitalii Hilevych.