About the Pirate

Pirate Goods is a brand of stylish and brutal products. Mostly leather products, but also related products, multitools, EDC items and accessories, paracord beads and many other things that I will announce in the future.

My name is Vitalii Hilevych, I am 31, I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I’m a video maker and photographer, I create advertising content for local businesses and brands. I am also the author and creator of the Filmacast podcast, this is a podcast about film, photography and creativity.

Since mid 2019, the idea of creating my own brand began to visit me, it all started with the fact that I wanted to get certain things, and so that they looked special, cool, brutal and solid. Internet searches led me to the fact that what was close to what I wanted was incredibly expensive, but even so it did not have the look that I had in my mind. So thats was how Johnny appeared, yes, that’s what I call that Jolly Roger on my logo.

Why a pirate theme? Probably since childhood, because my whole room was pasted over with my drawings of pirate ships, well, 80% of my LEGO sets were LEGO from the Pirates series, 6254 set with treasure island was my favorite, on my 6th birthday I got two of those.

And now, after 25 years, I am standing here. After the time spent on training and selecting the necessary tool, I began to make prototypes of different products. The final products is currently represented in my store. My goal is to make this brand a symbol with which you can evoke the emotions of that pirate, that rebel living in each of us.

I am open to new acquaintances and new ideas, and of course I develop new types of products, while I keep many ideas in a secret, but I will soon share them, I will only say that it will be not only leather products.

Therefore, if you like cool leather goods, if you like me enjoy the EDC items and accessories, then welcome on board.

Pirate Goods.
From Pirate to Pirates.
Vitalii Hilevych.