About the Pirate

Our Voyage at Pirate Goods

Greetings from the vibrant heart of Kyiv, Ukraine. I'm Vitalii, and Pirate Goods is my handcrafted realm of premium leather wonders. Every piece here isn't just a product; it's an ode to the individuality and practicality that quality craftsmanship can infuse into daily life.

In 2019, I embarked on this journey. My pursuit? To sculpt EDC leather items that weren't just exceptional but peerless in quality. The heartbeat of every creation? The finest Italian leather, harmonized with superior linen threads. All meticulously handcrafted by yours truly.

Life has charted its course, with Kyiv being my anchor. At 32, amidst challenging tides due to the russian invasion in Ukraine and turmoil in our nation, my spirit remains unyielding. Our resolve, fortified by truth and global camaraderie, stands unbroken.

Years ago, I framed stories through my lens as a full-time videographer and photographer, forging advertising tales for businesses near and far. The Filmacast podcast, a dive into films, photography, and the essence of creativity, is another canvas I've painted on.

Yet, the siren call of crafting leather masterpieces was irresistible. I yearned for unique EDC organizers, designs that eluded the markets but thrived in my imagination. Thus, Pirate Goods was birthed from necessity, ingenuity, and a dash of rebellion.

Why the pirate ethos, you wonder? Trace back to a young boy's room adorned with sketches of pirate vessels. Memories of LEGO sets, with the 6254 Treasure Island standing out vividly, are treasures of my youth. That passion, kindled in childhood, burns even brighter today. Through Pirate Goods, I wish to rouse that audacious pirate spirit residing in each of us.

Always charting new horizons, I'm keen on forging alliances and have recently begun navigating the waters of bulk orders. Fellow EDC enthusiasts with shops of your own, let's set sail together.

So, if the allure of finely-crafted leather beckons and EDC artifacts resonate with you, come aboard.

Pirate Goods - From Pirate, to Pirates.
Vitalii Hilevych.