About the Pirate


Welcome to the Pirate Goods website. If you're reading this, you're probably a fan of leather accessories, knives, flashlights and other everyday carry gear, so we already have a lot in common ;)

My name is Vitalii, I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. I am 33 years old and my story started 4 years ago in the 2020 when COVID begin. In those days, I worked as a freelancer cameraman, and as you could guess, because of the covid, it was absolutely impossible to work. As a result I had to look for a new job. Which I found in my then hobby - making leather goods, and so here we are.

Why pirates? Are you a pirate? Are you copying someone? I hear these questions all the time. In fact, everything is very simple, pirate themes have surrounded me since I was a child, I loved to draw, my walls were hung with drawings of pirate ships (I still have them, my mother kept them all). Well then I grew up to Lego and guess which sets caught my attention the most? Of course, these were Lego Pirates sets. So yes, I've just been a fan since I was a child, so that was the main idea when I created this brand, I wanted to put in this business the part of myself that has been with me since I was a kid.

So who am I? I'm an ordinary dude who is a fan of what he does and puts his soul into his work. I still don't have a huge workshop, for now it's a 12-square meter room in our apartments where I live with my wife Anna and our 4-year old son Tim, and at the end of summer I'll have a daughter (upd. on June 12), we still haven't chosen a name, but I can't wait for this amazing moment of birth.

So what am I doing? I create the highest quality leather accessories, and yes, I can safely claim that they really are, you can personally check the reviews, in most cases people are shocked and say that they have never had products of this quality. Maybe it's time for you to make sure of it? :)

Anyway, I appreciate your attention and welcome on board!

Vitalii Hilevych