Information for Wholesale customers
If you have an edc themed store and you wish to have some cool leather goods in it, then welcome on board. Here you will find a bit of useful information, and after checking it feel free to send me an email to following address: contact@pirategoods.shop

With few past orders and some experience I'm decided to switch wholesale orders for 2 directions, 1st one is a Starter pack, for those who wish to try some small amount of products in their shop. And the 2nd one is a Roger pack, probably your second order which include 50+ products. 
Here is some details of each pack:

Starter Pack
  • 10-50 items
  • 20% discount
  • Access to photography database 

Roger Pack

  • 50+ items
  • 30% discount
  • Access to photography database
  • 3 items for you as a gift


Please be respectful of other people's work and remember that all products are made by the hands of one master.