1 month ago on February 25 we left our home.

1 month ago on February 25 we left our home.

1 month ago on February 25 we left our home.

30 days ago at 4:20 am we woked up with huge explosion of russian military drone above our house. I’m talked with few peoples and they asked if that was a most scared and horrible moment in my life.. No.. the most scared moment was few seconds later, when my 1.8 year son says “Daddy, ba-bam?!”.

In the next 20 minutes I’m grabbed and packed our entire life into a car. At 4:45 when we runed to shelter my heart was at 192 bpm. This day we runed to bomb shelter and back to home 3 times, each time I have a simple thought in my mind - “Possibly we could never back home again”.. for a few reasons, our home can be destroyed, we can leave the city, we can leave the country.. No confidence in the future, what can happened in a minute? hour? day?..  At 4:15 pm we jumped in our car and drive out of the city.. with a simple thought, possibly we could never back home again..

I can longly talk about all this horrors that happened with my family for this 30 days, my father lost his car and almost received a few bullets, possibly my parents lost their home, some of my friends already lost their home, almost all fam members have lost their job.. I don’t wanna speak about that. The main thing that all fam is safe, no one hurt, and feels good at this time.

Unfortunately I can’t say same thing about other our people, a lot of destroyed city’s, families without home, a lot of civilians was killed.. my eyes full of tears when I’m reading news reports about kids.. 135 kids was killed by russian army😭I have no words, just a fierce hatred of russians..

That’s the reality in which we currently live..

I hope this bloody war will end really soon, thats not a usual “political games”, this war is perfect example of good and evil fight, light vs darkness, truth vs lie.. we will win this war with no doubt, the true with us and God is with us!

I wish everyone a peaceful sky overhead!

P.S. I’ve received a lot of messages from you guys with a lot of words of love, pryes and support. Also you’ve send me a lot of messages with purpose of financial support, and I’m really thank you all guys, I’m still have some money, it’s absolutely enough for me and my entire family. But, only if you wishing to do this, I’m not asking for, I’m left this for your own, here is my PayPal - vitaliy.gilevych@pm.me (PayPal disabled all fees for transactions to Ukrainian accounts).

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart🖤


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